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Funky, fully-serviced urban retreats for any occasion

Fabulous, fully-equipped houses, apartments, and aparthotels in prime locations, ideal for both grand gatherings and intimate getaways. Whether you’re marking one of life’s milestones, planning an exciting city escape, or just want a comfortable base from which to work, discover the perfect blend of comfort, location, and convenience that is higgihaus.

Exclusive UK residences for long-stay Chinese guests

Centrally located, fully furnished and beautifully appointed long-stay apartments for Chinese guests studying in the UK, or here on foreign assignment. We deliver a seamless ‘hotel-style’ experience with comprehensive support for navigating life in a new country.

Chic, community-focused
co-living for working professionals

Extraordinary, design-led, community-centric, art-filled large houses redefining shared city-centre living for today’s young professionals. We are breathing new life into grand old-period properties so that young professionals can live closer to the city centre in a location and at a standard of specification that they would not otherwise be able to afford.


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The way an interior feels is just as important as the way it looks. And we want higgihaus guests to feel ‘at home’. That’s why we choose to support the craftsmen, artisans, makers and creatives producing beautiful, functional (but above all) supremely comfortable furniture, fittings and fabrics.

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Since the dawn of time, humans have lived in tribes, clans, and villages. We are a social species and community is our natural habitat. Hence, a stay at a higgihaus has been designed to enhance the opportunity for interaction, collaboration and social engagement by those of a like-mind.


Pablo Picasso said that “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”.  We think he was onto something. You won’t find a Picasso hanging on the wall, but you will find original artworks, interesting objects and ‘words designed to inspire’ woven into the very fabric of every higgihaus we create.


Good business 

We are property problem solvers and investors whose goal is to deliver solid profits and stable cashflows for the group and for our investors. We think that’s good business. It is also a platform that affords us the opportunity to be a business for good.

Business for good 

We believe that everyone deserves a comfortable, warm, and safe place to live regardless of age, income, or circumstance. We also believe that while strong people stand up for themselves, it is the strongest people who stand up for others.


That’s why, when a higgihaus guest pays to stay, we contribute to providing warmth, comfort, and community for young people making the transition from care. A difficult start needn’t mean a difficult finish.


Landlords and Licensees 

Owning and operating a residential property portfolio is no longer as easy or as profitable as it once was – onerous regulations, burdensome taxes, and more demanding tenants or guests are the modern landlord’s lot. If you’re a retiring (or simply tiring) landlord, we can probably help. Originally developed for our own account, we now offer a fully managed service to investors, owners and landlords that is focused on delivering profitable Chinese long-stay guests studying in the UK, or here on foreign assignment. Could your portfolio make more cash for less effort? We think so.


I am a landlord and would like to hear more about the opportunity to work with the higgihaus team and make more cash for less effort.

Investors and Joint Venture Partners 

With interest rates for savers at historic lows achieving sensible returns on invested capital is challenging. For many, residential property represents a more attractive place for spare capital than a bank deposit or savings account. But generating superior returns from property requires time, money, effort, knowledge and skill. That’s why we offer cash rich but time poor investors who want to earn great returns on their money the opportunity to share in our success and invest alongside us in a higgihaus co-living, serviced accommodation or boutique hotel project.


I have cash to invest and would love to hear more about how I can share in your success and earn great returns on my money.



Luke Spikes

Luke Spikes

Group Chief Executive

Ian Halford

Ian Holford

Director, higgihaus Developments Ltd

Sebastian Spikes

Sebastian Spikes

Director, higgihaus Operations Ltd

Morgan Penot

Morgan Penot

Director, higgihaus Management Ltd

Delyth Spikes

Delyth Spikes

Director, higgihaus Co-Living Ltd

Carly Parly

Carly Parly

Director, higgihaus Operations Ltd

Karen Reid

Karen Reid

Director, higgihaus Management Ltd


Unlocking the Power of Technology for Your Property Business  In today's digital age, technology has become an essential component for businesses of all types and sizes. By integrating technology across your property business, you  can enhance functionality, streamline operations, and provide a better experience for  employees, guests, and customers.  One way to achieve this is through access control systems that offer flexible solutions to fit the needs of your business. Remote unlocking and blocking enables you to open doors from any distance, and digital keys technology allows your guests to gain  access to doors through their verified smartphones.   These technologies provide  enhanced security and convenience, not only that but it can show your customers that  you spare no cost when it comes to their experience.   By leveraging technology, you can also automate repetitive tasks, streamline  communication and collaboration, and access real-time data insights to make informed decisions.  Who wants a breakdown of our top ten pieces of tech we recommend for property? Comment below!
Design Led Functionality… higgihaus Aparthotels:  Where Comfort meets Style, Convenience meets Luxury, A match made in heaven.  Who wants to see more?
Bringing Nature Home: The Therapeutic Touch   Biophilic design has been gaining traction in the world of property development as it recognises the inherent connection between humans and nature.   This design approach incorporates natural elements into the built environment, such as the use of natural light, plant life, and natural materials.   The benefits of biophilic design extend beyond aesthetics and can positively impact the health and well-being of  building occupants.  As people become more aware of the importance of sustainability and environmental  consciousness, biophilic design offers a way to bring the natural world into the built environment while creating spaces that are more enjoyable and comfortable to inhabit.   With its numerous benefits, it is no wonder that biophilic design has become an increasingly  popular trend.  Are you harnessing the power of biophilic design?
NORMAL GETS YOU NO WHEЯE..   From our unique design concepts to our unparalleled customer service, we’re dedicated to  delivering the best possible service for our customers. We believe that by challenging the  status quo and pushing boundaries, we can create spaces that are truly one-of-a-kind.   So, if you’re ready to step outside the box and experience something extraordinary, come  join us.   We promise it’ll be a journey you’ll never forget!   #aparthotel #hotel #servicedapartments #travel #apartments #instatravel #design #businesstravel #furnishedapartments #aparthotels #hotels #luxuryhotel #aravel #aw #o #wroc #apartamento #interiordesign #familytravel #hotelstyle #trz #stayliveenjoy #worktravel #hotellife #apartment #corporatehousing #instagood #flat #longtermstay #accommodations


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Fully managed service to property investors, owners, and landlords focussed on delivering profitable Chinese long-stay guests. 

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