Comfortable, convivial and achingly stylish accommodation designed to engender a feeling of contentment and well-being.





Warm, inviting and inspirational shared homes.

Serviced Accommodation

Beautifully appointed, fully equipped and perfectly located serviced accommodation.



Boutique Hotels

Intimate, quirky and characterful self-service hotels.




The way an interior feels is just as important as the way it looks. And we want higgihaus guests to feel ‘at home’. That’s why we choose to support the craftsmen, artisans, makers and creatives producing beautiful, functional (but above all) supremely comfortable furniture, fittings and fabrics.


Since the dawn of time, humans have lived in tribes, clans, and villages. We are a social species and community is our natural habitat. Hence, a stay at a higgihaus has been designed to enhance the opportunity for interaction, collaboration and social engagement by those of a like-mind.


Pablo Picasso said that “Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life”. We think he was onto something. You won’t find a Picasso hanging on the wall, but you will find original artworks, interesting objects and ‘words designed to inspire’ woven into the very fabric of every higgihaus we create.


Good business 

We are property problem solvers and investors whose goal is to deliver solid profits and stable cashflows for the group and for our investors. We think that’s good business. It is also a platform that affords us the opportunity to be a business for good.

Business for good 

We believe that regardless of age, income 

or circumstance everyone deserves a comfortable, warm and safe place to live. We also believe that whilst strong people stand up for themselves, it is the strongest people that stand up for others. That’s why, when a higgihaus guest pays to stay, we give homeless young adults the gift of warmth, comfort and community.



A typical higgihausmate is a well-educated, tech-savvy, information hungry and ambitious Millennial for whom great customer service is no longer enough - they demand a great customer experience. That’s why we treat them as valued partners in our business. We place their wants, needs and aspirations firmly at the centre of everything that we do. And at higgihaus, ‘good enough’, never is.

Landlords and Licensees 

Owning and operating a residential property portfolio is no longer as easy or as profitable as it once was – onerous regulations, burdensome taxes and more demanding tenants are the modern landlord’s lot. If you’re a retiring (or simply tiring) landlord we can probably help. We can purchase an entire portfolio of rental properties, provide capital for refurbishment, or pay a guaranteed monthly rent and purchase properties over a number of years to reduce your tax burden.

Investors and Joint Venture Partners 

With interest rates for savers at historic lows achieving sensible returns on invested capital is challenging. For many, residential property represents a more attractive place for spare capital than a bank deposit or savings account. But generating superior returns from property requires time, money, effort, knowledge and skill. That’s why we offer cash rich but time poor investors who want to earn great returns on their money the opportunity to share in our success and invest alongside us in a higgihaus co-living, serviced accommodation or boutique hotel project.


Luke Spikes interview on the Inside Property Investing Podcast.

Safe and Experienced













Venture capital


Luke Spikes  Founder & CEO

“I love the interior schemes from the team at @higgihaus. They’re an amazing company led by Luke Spikes who are aiming to create 1,000 rooms in their portfolio by 2025. It’s an awesome goal and I’ve no doubt they’ll smash it, or have a lot of fun trying! This is the future of successful property investing. Bye-bye magnolia walls!”   Mike Stenhouse, Inside Property Investing




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